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New to Essential Oils ? Tips for Beginners

Hi friend, welcome!

Congratulations on joining our family of over 10 million happy users!

I’m excited for you to begin your journey towards natural health and wellness. So, what are you waiting for? Time to pop the seals on your products and get oiling!

As a beginner, you’ll follow the path of Living Naturally. With my help and the person who enrolled you. You’ll have learning opportunities that will help you get the most out of the investment you just made in dōTERRA oils. I want you to get the biggest bang for your bunk!

To maximize your learning, we’ve got FREE training to help you learn more and get the most out of your oils.

While dōTERRA oils are not the least expensive you can buy, they are the purest most tested and easiest to get a positive result. Meaning that not even one penny is wasted when you buy and use your products. Is your partner/spouse/friend asking you why you bought dōTERRA instead of something cheaper from the big box or candle store? Let them know that in the long run those less expensive synthetic products will cost you your health and a lot of wasted money.

So how can you keep track of what you are saving from investing in dōTERRA oils?

As a dōTERRA member you’ll receive a 25% discount on everything you purchase. So if you just purchased a $100 kit, you saved $25. Each month specials on limited time offer products will allow you to get even greater savings.

Our Loyalty Rewards Program is the best way to purchase your oils and receive points towards more free oils! You can customize your monthly order and choose when your order ships. Through your Loyalty Rewards Program (LRP), you can get a percentage of your order and shipping points back, and qualify for FREE products.

Each month you stay on the Loyalty Rewards Program, the percentage of points you receive increases up to a maximum of 30%!

Pure essential oils are highly concentrated plant compounds that you can use for cleaning, relaxation, cooking, energizing, muscle or stress relief, mental well being, and to support your whole body. There isn’t another product on the market that adapts to your needs and the needs of your family and never stops working hard.

So my friend, if you're looking to save money you’ve come to the right place. Don’t let anyone tell you differently. dōTERRA is a great place to be right now and you’ve made the right choice. Take a moment to download our free e-book and know that we’re always thinking about the best way for you to be green and make more green.

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