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Hey there!  

I’m Elena!  

I’m so happy you’re here - let’s figure out how we can connect.

Growing up :

I grew up in New York City, first in the west Bronx (sometimes known as Riverdale) and finally on the upper west side of Manhattan where I lived until I got married.  I’m an only child who had a truly great gift to grow up with parents who sacrificed and worked really hard.  I also had the opportunity to attend some really unique schools where I learned the importance of education and learning and how a teacher can change your life.  Being a life-long learner and teacher has always been part of what I consider my duty in my life.


Our apartments were humble - my Dad was a longshoreman and my Mom a teacher - but filled with everything I needed.  With 2 working parents I was often faced with making small decisions about my day, schoolwork and friends.  After school, I would run across the street to a big park where I would climb trees and hang out with other neighborhood kids - creating games, organizing teams and exploring in nature.  I was always fiercely independent and craved variety.  

On Saturdays, if I wasn’t doing chores or homework, then I might be taking dance classes, visiting with my grandmother who lived close by, drawing or reading a good book.  It was - for me - the perfect place to grow up.  And it was with all the buildings and asphalt in our tiny apartment that I learned the importance of hard work, family, and sacrifice.

Dreams :

I always knew that I wanted to own my own business.  At the age of 7, I set up a table in the park that I played in and sold the toys I wasn’t playing with much anymore.  I loved the thrill of talking to another person and having them say “YES!”  Money was always tight in our house and so I worked hard in Math to really understand numbers and money (my husband helped A LOT when we got married!).  To this day I’m often one of very few women who admit to liking and being “good” at math.


As a very young child, I traded toys with other friends, often bargaining to get just what I wanted or even walking away from trade because it just didn’t seem fair.  When I met my husband as a young 20-something, I had been working on Wall Street in some capacity since the age of 15 - receptionist, secretary, office worker and finally credit analyst and assistant treasurer.  I had landed a job with a major bank after college and worked my way through their training sometimes taking extra classes at night to catch up.  


That job taught me a lot about doing things the right way; paying attention to detail, going the extra mile, respecting others.  I could not mentor the way I do now without that training - but the independence, creativity, and variety I was looking for were not there.  After my children were born I started and ended 2 other businesses - without a clear understanding of what was “missing” from those other ventures.  It wasn’t until I found DoTerra that all the pieces fell into place for me: independence, creativity, community, science, math (ah!), learning - I found my home.


What I do now :

I sell doTerra essential oils because I know that these are the tools that are healing the world in every way.

I create health programs for individuals and businesses that take complicated information and make it easy to understand so that you can share it with your family, friends, colleagues, and customers. 
I connect and mentor through my weekly webinars and live events sharing my health and leadership perspective. 

And I build vibrant communities for you to connect into both online and in person. This is the new village.

I also share my math-brain with you so you will always understand how and when you get paid and when and how to invest your time, talent and treasure.