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Happy Valentine's Day

What are you planning for Valentine’s? It may be particularly tricky since it falls on a Tuesday, but don’t let that stop you from celebrating the day of love! Here are my top oils and perfect gifts that you can give to almost anyone.

Don’t worry and just focus on being with the ones you love this Valentine’s Day!

  1. Are you trying to give your favorite coffee lover something special? How about this cute pink, French Press for extra credit, don’t forget to pair it up with these cutest soulmates mugs!

  2. Maybe you’re celebrating Galentine’s? Start off with this Jasmine oil that helps boost your confidence & happiness factors! But don’t forget this perfect set of fun red pajamas or heart-shaped earrings. A perfect accessory for your pajama set or maybe the perfect gift to give your bestie!

  3. Don’t forget roses! Use Rose oil to stimulate emotions such as desire and self-esteem. Then give them this fresh dozen GUARANTEED to be delivered by Valentine’s Day, how amazing is that! Order today to arrive on time!

  4. Valentine’s Day on a Tuesday? No problem! Start off the night with this Sandalwood oil for relaxation and to relieve stress from work. Serve Kin Euphorics Dream Light a non-alcoholic spirit that has an earthy oak, smoky clove, spicy cinnamon taste, and smooth texture (similar to their favorite whisky) but will leave you both clear-headed for work on Wednesday!

  5. Are you looking for a gift for your boyfriend, finance, or husband and for it to be inexpensive and something they’ll actually use? This red, cashmere-feel scarf is the perfect gift! But wait, there’s more! Give him these Balealf men’s 5 inch running, athletic shorts. My guys love them & your guy will too. They have zipper pockets and no lining, he’ll definitely love!

  6. Are you nervous about getting a special man in your life something? First, start with some Geranium to balance your nerves and excitement! Then give him this 5 variety pack of Dr. Squatch All Natural Bar soaps He’ll love the scents and the fun packaging!

  7. Maybe this Valentine’s you’re taking things slow. Use Ylang-Ylang for a slower heart rate and to stimulate calmness. Then bring out the M&M’s because who doesn’t like chocolate on Valentine’s? This bag is perfect for dessert or for sharing after your Valentine’s dinner!

  8. Don’t forget the kiddos! Show your littles some love with this cool Pop Socket trick magnet and fidget toy perfect for any young one this Valentine’s!

  9. Give your little girl or little guy the cutest long sleeve pajamas covered with hearts. This set comes in sizes 2-7.

  10. Everyone loves to laugh! Add to your child’s library this Valentine’s with “Little Blue Truck’s Valentine or this Laugh-Out-Loud Jokes! These books will definitely be your child’s new favorites!

  11. If this is your first Valentine’s with a someone special, don’t get nervous! Start off with some Neroli to soothe your nerves. Then use some Cinnamon to activate circulation and nervous system (smell, don’t apply - cinnamon can be hot on the skin)! Finally, share some sweet, chocolate Hugs and Kisses.

Thanks for reading!

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