How I Deal with Daylight Savings

Updated: Mar 16, 2020

Yesterday was Daylight Savings "Spring Forward”

daylight savings

and I’m not going to lie, I’m really missing that one extra hour of sleep that I should have gotten last night. It’s almost reminding me of the jetlag I often experience whenever I travel abroad to visit my team in Asia. (Talk about the time change, that’s a full 12-hour difference!) This all makes sense as new times zones, or even just a little time change like we’re experiencing here in the US, mess with our natural circadian rhythm -- that handy internal clock that tells you when it’s time to be tired and sleep and when it’s time to wake up. However, over many years of traveling, I’ve put together a pretty solid list of tips, tricks, and essential oils that keep me up and running even when time change has gotten me stuck in a rut. Here’s what has helped me the most


The Night Before: Get More Sleep Than You Think Necessary Before a really long flight, or before a time change via daylight savings, I always like to take a night of self-care to get the optimal type and amount of sleep. This way, I’m sure that my body will be fully rested before a change. A stressed out and tired body will always react to time and location change worse than a rested one! So, before my early bedtime, I’ll make sure to dim the lights, put my phone away, and take a relaxing Epsom salt and

lavender oil while taking bath

Lavender (or Serenity or Lavender Peace) bath. The warm water and relaxing smells calm my muscles and my mind and begin to wind me down for the night. After my bath, I fill my diffuser with a calming blend I’ve perfected and will read something that doesn’t stimulate my mind too much and makes me groggier (see my blog on the books I’m reading now!). Finally, I set my alarm for a later time than usual. With more sleep and a more restful night, I feel like I can take on anything!

That Morning: Staying Hydrated & Internal Essential Oils You’ve heard this before folks, but I swear, drinking more water always makes you feel better during the day. However, when you’re traveling and jetlagged, or just tired in general, remembering to drink as much water as you should can be really hard (phone alarms can help for this!). I try to make it a more enjoyable experience (with additional health benefits and a few electrolytes) by adding a few drops of Lemon, Grapefruit, or Slim & Sassy blend essential oils. (Pro tip: add a drop of Wild Orange or Peppermint into your morning cup o’ joe for a bigger boost and a fun new flavour!) You may not have seen it, but a few blog posts ago I wrote about the chemistry of uplifting and energizing oils, and what I failed to mention is that when these are taken internally they have the same (or stronger) effects. So drink up your lemon and grapefruit water, folks! And feel the brightening effects that those monoterpenes have!

During the Day: Staying Awake As the day goes on Lemon and Grapefruit may not be the only things that will help you stay awake. A few other things that can help: diffuser jewelry, and roll-ons like DoTerra Motivate, Cheer or Passion. And as much as possible get outside in natural sunlight.


As you can see, most of these “tips” are really just maintenance of routine and ritual. Sticking to/getting back into the routines that you've developed helps associate certain times and actions with either staying awake or getting to sleep. And even though it seems like you’ll never feel like yourself again, jet lag or time-change lag really does pass. By next week we’ll be marveling at the longer days and getting out to enjoy them.

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