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getting a mentor should be your top priority

Stop wondering why you just can't make it

to the next level...

Essential oil health hacks
essential oils doterra hollistic health and wealth hacks and strategies for your mlm business

The desire to get paid for doing what you love shouldn't be a pipe dream! 

But for that to happen you need to have a roadmap, a clear goal and strategies to help you know exactly what to do and how to place your team's members to leverage your profit.

I can help you stand out & be profitable in the sea of noise! 


If you're seriously invested in growing

your business and ready to...

move up the doTerra ladder,

 get clarity on how to do it...

...then 1 ON 1 Coaching is for you!

It doesn't matter what level you're at, I've worked with hundreds of friends, just like you, that need an expert /mentor that understands the essential oil multi-level marketing business and has achieved great success

and created a 7-figure business.

Schedule your free 15 min discovery call

to find out if I can help you too!

elena yordan essential oil holistic health
Elena Yordan Essential Oil DoTerra expert blue diamond level


I'm on a mission to get women to create a sustainable and profitable business with aromatherapy, and I believe you have something to share with the world. Your passion for essential oils matters- and so does being able to make extra income with your essential oils business.

I want to hold your hand and show you how!

I can't wait to chat with you!!



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