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Updated: Apr 21, 2020

If you’ve been following me and my journey for long enough, you probably already know how much I admire and appreciate all the books and knowledge that Michael Hyatt and his team put out on a regular basis. And, while most of the information which he provides is free via his blog, his emails, podcast, and so much more, I have recently read his newest book,

Michael Hyatt's Book : The Vision Driven Leader

“The Vision Driven Leader” and was amazed by how timely this slim volume is for us right now. From the moment I started reading this became one of my favorites. (My two other favorites - for the record are - “Your Best Year Ever” and “Living Forward”.) Let me know if you’ll want a blog about those too!) But why do I love this book? It’s not only because I try to become a better leader within my team every day, but because his real and practical advice can be used at home with my family too. A wise friend recently told me: "Big beautiful trees are like families…You have to figure out what you want years in advance and then plant it and be patient."  The same thing holds true of companies both big and small.  Our ability to lead, to keep our eyes fixed on a dream and to help others to envision it too is truly what sets apart the merely busy from the compelling leaders guiding others to a worthy destiny.  Another one of my mentors, Cal Newport said, “What matters is consistently executing the work that actually matters.”  But how do we know what matters?  If we take the time to clarify our vision, we measure each decision against the clear and shining example.  Asked to go in a direction that would lead us far from our vision - we can more clearly and thoughtfully say, NO!"

vision driven

> Today, I thought I’d share the three big takeaways from the book that I'm now incorporating into my daily life. 1. Focus on a future built on vision - ensure it is clear, inspiring and practical. Ask yourself the question, am I a leader or a manager? The answer may surprise you. Before I read the book, I truly did not understand the difference. While the path seems steeper now, the reward seems sweeter. 2. Do the hard work needed to get there - rally your team around the vision. Is your team your colleagues or your family? Where are you going? What’s your vision for your future generations, your legacy. 3. Eliminate the drift that can come with not writing it all down - distill it into actionable plans that drive results. I loved reading and learning from this book. It’s the most no-nonsense thing I’ve picked up in ages. No slogans, jingles or pithy sayings on t-shirts - the type of vision and planning that got us to the moon and back. It’s a must-read, especially now as we rebuild our future.

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