The Immunity Kit!: It's Not as Difficult as You Think

Hi all!

So we’re back!  I took a long hiatus from blogging because of a busy summer schedule and some staff changes here in the office.  So happy to be here!

First off, I spent most of July and half of August making sure my 2 kids got back to college.  With so many Covid restrictions and state regulations changing almost daily we spent lots of time trying to figure how how to go and where.  My husband, son and I actually drove to Texas in 3 days   - an amazing trip and well worth the effort - to settle him as a freshman in Dallas.  With him settled we drove further south to Houston to meet up with my daughter - who we hadn’t seen since June - and a whole bunch of family; siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews.  It was just the most relaxed I’d been in months and we were able to celebrate just being together.

We had hoped to continue on East to Louisiana but hurricanes Laura and Marco seemed to be converging on our next stop - our sweet niece and her dear little family.  A quick change of plans had us veering north instead of continuing east.

We lingered quite a bit on the way home taking 4 days on the drive back, stopping again at the Texas institution Buc-ees on our way home.  Check it out here - and yes they really are that BIG!

A drive through Memphis brought us to Graceland which was just reopening after months of Covid closures.  One of our overnights was at the Guesthouse at Graceland  Newly renovated and redesigned as Priscilla Presley says “When Elvis had friends and family visit Graceland, he would have them stay at a hotel down the street. He would have been thrilled to have had his own guest house where they could stay so close by.”

No, it’s not a tiny place and yes the redesign is chic and a little camp.  The only draw back?  Not too much to do in the blocks surrounding Graceland.  If you’re from Memphis let me know in the comments below where I should have also gone (remember lots of stuff is still closed!) and I’ll try to get there on my next trip.

How’d we stay healthy on our 2 week long car drive? Our favorite oil:

OnGuard!  I used the hand spray along the way to sanitize; the oil on our feet each night, foaming hand soap by the sink in each hotel.

Want it all?  Try this new immunity kit, it’s my new favorite:  For more on the kit check our YouTube Video here:

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