Spring Cleaning Your Body & Home With Essential Oils

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

spring cleaning

The first day of spring was just a few days ago and with the changes in temperatures, my recent article published in the BC Magazine (add link), and the spread of Covid-19, it seems logical that I write a post regarding using essential oils to clean your body and home.  Apart from all of the precautionary social distancing measures we’ve been taking in my own household and business, I’ve also been consistently taking advantage of all the natural health benefits that essential oils can provide. From daily detoxification, to immune support, to natural cleaning sprays, cleaners, and more. Here are all of my favorite FAST spring cleaning tips!


1. Try out the Marie Condo Method for Your Work Space

I have a confession to make, both my assistant Julia and I are Geminis. That means, the office we work in is either the most spotless and pristine space that you have ever seen, or a CHAOTIC MESS. Because of this, every month or so, we do a deep clean together and reorganize the office. The diffuser is filled with our favorite blend at the time (anything from Adaptiv to some of the yoga blends to random oils we love to mix together); we take out of our 2 “everything paper” file bins, dump them on the table or floor (depending how crowded they’ve gotten), and get rid of everything that is unnecessary, outdated, or simply does not “spark joy”. We take a few minutes to reorganize our oil stock, then when we finish, enjoy a nice cup of tea or coffee together. It’s the best and most rewarding feeling in the world to get rid of things cluttering your space and life.  (I’ve recently been applying the same method to all the storage spaces in my house, take a look at my instagram (link here) for some before/after photos!)

2. A Weekly Detoxification Routine

You all know how I feel about routines and rituals…and my love for their continuity and calming effects. Now that spring is here, it’s a great time to start adding a few fun detoxifying oils and supplements into your routine. Add a PB Assist capsule and a drop of Celery Seed oil (in water - or under the tongue for the brave!) to your morning and nightly internal oil routine. Diffuse Lemon, Green Mandarin, or Tangerine to purify the air in your home. Or add a few drops of Grapefruit to your morning dry brushing routine to help get the lymph moving and strengthen your immune system!

3. A just-about-for-everything Essential Oil Cleaning Spray

These days with pinterest, facebook, instagram, and TikTok, the spread of oil blends, DIY’s, and at-home essential oil projects is so wide spread that you could honestly try a new blend or DIY a day for the next year and never get bored. However, I think I’ve found the best cleaning spray that works on just about every surface and is completely natural...no chemicals, preservatives, or other nasty things that get into our system and end up disrupting our hormones and healthy lives. 

spring cleaning

Add the following to a 16 oz spray bottle: -fill most of the bottle with alcohol that is at least 70% (the CDC states that vinegar will not kill a virus and that 70% alcohol disinfects surfaces). You can use isopropyl alcohol or 140 proof or higher drinkable grain alcohols! -add ½ teaspoon hydrogen peroxide  -30 drops On Guard, 15 drops each of Lavender, Lemon, and Peppermint, 10 drops each of Eucalyptus, Peppermint, andd Wild Orange  -shake WELL and label!


Please know that I’m with you! My windows and doors are still closed because nighttime temps are low in New Jersey in March and until I can open them for fresh air I’ll be diffusing a lot. My family of 5 is home quarantined for the duration but we have faith that this too will pass. Stay well my friends and comment below on how you’re staying healthy and sane right now.

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