My Top Essential Oils for Hormonal Health

Updated: Feb 13, 2020

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and, since we’ve all heard the shpiel that I’ve done regarding those

7 Sexy Oils, I’m changing it up this year. I figured, my friends’s have been asking about essential oils and women’s hormonal health, and that ties in perfectly with the theme of relationships and love that people love to talk about during Valentine season!

Did you know that it’s the endocrine system that sends out hormones in order to tell each part of your body what work they should each do when to do it, and for how long? Hormones are the body’s messengers and without their help, your metabolism, sexual function, reproduction, and mood can go haywire! Whenever your hormones get out of balance, problems like diabetes, weight gain or loss, infertility, weak bones, and many other health problems can occur. Therefore, all your hormones are vital for your overall health and well being.

Knowing this is especially important, as we are surrounded by thousands of products that are filled with hormone disruptors that can influence our hormones and get them out of wack.

These include pharmaceuticals, dioxin, and dioxin-like compounds, polychlorinated biphenyls, DDT and other pesticides, and plasticizers such as bisphenol-A. What does that mean in normal English? Well, that you can find endocrine disruptors in everyday products– including plastic bottles, metal food cans, detergents, flame retardants, foods, toys, cosmetics, and pesticides. You may be experiencing hormonal disruption if you feel: irritability, digestive problems, excessive sweating, food cravings, fatigue, weight gain, or low libido.

The Environmental Working Group has a bunch of information about these toxins in all the products you may be using. Check out that list here. Or check out their “dirty dozen” of all the fruits and veggies you should be buying organic!.

I love the following tips and products that can help you feel so much better. Of course, exercise, healthy eating, and drinking enough water are all daily habits that can help maintain healthy hormone levels. However, adding additional supplements and oils into your daily routine can specifically target hormone health.

>Here’s a list of my favorites and how they help :

1. Geranium

Not only is this oil known for its role in many beauty and skin products, but it also helps soothe and balance anxious emotions. Apply a few drops to your lower abdomen to feel peaceful throughout the month.

2. Ylang Ylang

This rich floral oil contains germacrene, a chemical known for its ability to soothe and uplift the emotions. Apply on the pubic bone and to pulse points for the natural stimulation of the libido.

3. Clary Sage

This floral oil is one the most relaxing, soothing, and balancing one you can find for your body, hormones, and emotions because of its main constituent linalyl acetate.

4. Clary Calm Monthly Blend

This specialized blend of clary sage, lavender, chamomile, and more helps support women through menstruation and menopause as it calms and soothes both the body and hormones. Apply to soothe abdominal pain or whenever you start to have a hot flash.

5. doTERRA® Phytoestrogen Lifetime Complex

Containing plant-based phytoestrogens, flax seed extract, and pomegranate extract, this blend is the perfect combination of naturally-derived ingredients that help women’s health and hormones at any stage of life.

If you have a hormone-related condition, the best thing to do is to talk to your primary care physician or endocrinologist, a specialist in hormones, who will help your body return to its normal balance. Consider taking this list with you on your next visit.

Hormonal Health Blend: 3 drops Lime

2 Drops Pink Pepper

2 Drops Clary Sage

1 DropYlang Ylang

Add to a 3 oz spray bottle and top with water and 1 tsp vodka (or witch hazel) for emulsification

Or add to a roll-on and top with FCO

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