My Top 4 Tips to the Perfect Fathers Day

Updated: Jun 16, 2020

happy fathers day celebration

Sunday is Father’s Day and we are, celebrating! Although the events of the past few weeks have laid heavy on our hearts, I think it’s more important than ever to take a moment to appreciate the father figures in our it your biological Dad or grandfather, brother, uncle, son, your adopted or foster Dad, Coach, teacher, priest or an elder of an organization who is a mentor, teacher, provider or role model nurturing and caring for you, your children or siblings.

Oftentimes, we can get so caught up in the hustle and bustle of daily life that we forget all those that are the most important to us and their special day. Since they may not be home as often as our mothers, it’s easy to lose track of those who took a different part in raising us than our mothers did (who we celebrated lots in May)...our Dads.

Our Dads are the ones who taught us how to protect ourselves, how to stay prepared, and how to always be ready for everything that is to come. My own father was always a larger-than-life figure in my life. I was an only daughter born to middle-aged parents and my father loved me beyond measure. It didn’t mean that he had no faults or demons, but my father’s unconditional love taught me how to love and be loved - a hallmark of a strong marriage.

My father passed away when I was a teenager, so I now celebrate my husband, José, his role as a father, and all those fathers in the world worthy of our love and support.

In memory of my dad, and because of my husband’s powerful example for his own children get ready for the best Father’s Day ever.

1. Plan the day (with the rest of your family) in advance.

Ask the following questions: What is Dad’s favorite thing to do? To eat? To watch? How can I give up the things I like to do this weekend to help my father and allow him to enjoy those things? Plan the day around his favorites. Put it the date on all the calendars and make sure there will be nothing that can conflict.

2. Buy everything you need EARLY.

This may mean different things to you than it does to me. For me, this means stopping at CVS a week in advance to pick out the card that suits my husband the most. (There’s nothing worse than showing up at the paper store or at CVS the day before a special day to an empty shelf !) I found the perfect one here (I actually gave it to him last year!) It means checking my pantry and grocery shopping for all the ingredients of my husband’s favorite treat (this amazing ceasar salad). It means checking doTERRA for the latest Father’s Day Collection and stocking up on Amavi sets for all the men of my life.

3. Pamper him.

Many men struggle with getting a good night’s sleep and they deserve better. Let’s give dad’s the best night’s sleep! A healthy sleep schedule can change everything for someone who’s been struggling with fatigue. Having a healthy daily nightly ritual that you can go through to set you up for the perfect night can help. My husband and I go through the following each night:

-turn off all electronics 1 hour before we want to be asleep

-drink a warm cup of night time tea and read as we unwind for the night (this one’s my favorite but sometimes I make this one recommended by Tim Ferriss)

-shower and get ready for bed

-diffuser Serenity and roll Peace onto our feet

It’s a pretty basic routine, but we make sure to stick to it nightly! Help your special guy to have a rested father’s day by talking about routines, setting up his own ritual, and providing him space and time to do it. (Yes, that means taking up the chores he might usually do!)

4. Make him something special on his day.

You may not realize, but June 19th is also National Martini Day?! So why not celebrate these two holidays by finding a fun new martini recipe to make and share with the father figure in your life? I know which one I’m trying out...recently found a Lavender Martini, can you believe it? Not an alcohol drinker? Substitute water or apple juice for the vodka. It will be more like a flavorful lemonade, but still delicious.


3 oz. Vodka

½ fresh squeezed Lemon Juice

1 tablespoon Lavender Simple Syrup

For Lavender Simple Syrup:

½ cup Water

½ cup of Sugar

2-5 drops Lavender EO

I hope you're able to take the time to appreciate the father-figures in your life this week. Give them an extra hug, an extra kiss, and make sure they know just how important they are to you! And to all men celebrating, have a blessed Father’s Day.

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