My Commitment to You

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

This week, my assistant and I had planned that I write a blog on essential oils for focus and concentration during study, because many of our friends in Singapore and other parts of Asia have children ending their circuit breaker and heading back to school (if you are on YouTube you can see a short video that I did about that topic here). However, the past few weeks in the US have been filled with sadness, frustration, and anger that cannot go unnoticed - and to which I cannot stand silent - regarding the Black Lives Matter movement and the protests and riots that have followed the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  Millions opened their eyes to the pain that black people have been experiencing for far too long, myself included.

As a mother, doTERRA wellness advocate, and leader of my team, I have seen doTERRA be open and inclusive. Many of you reading this are in South East Asia: Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia. I've witnessed the team grow and be filled with people of different backgrounds, nationalities, and races and have been acutely aware of the differences and similarities of all of us. However, it is clear that now is the time to reflect on ALL of my own actions, the actions of my household as a family, and the actions of the nation that we live in. It is clear that injustice has been perpetrated in this nation but I can not stand united with violence or the gratuitous destruction of private property.

I realize that much of my life now (it was not always so) is filled with the privilege and rights that my skin color, hard work and social standing allow me. We live in a small homogenous community, just outside of New York City but close to many other communities and cities in New Jersey that are racially and ethnically mixed and in many cases where injustice has festered. We have had many conversations at home regarding our roles and our determination to listen, learn and amplify other voices. That is our commitment.

I am committed to reaching out of my bubble of safety that permits a pervasive sameness, hopelessness and evil into communities that are suffering and hurting. I promise to continue to speak out about the injustice that I’m learning about and to stay committed to this conversation in the most understanding way that I can. I promise to listen and support, to amplify the voices that need now to be heard. Thank you for being here and for all of my black community, thank you for being patient with me, I’m listening. 

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