Lunar New Year & How I Prepare

Updated: Jan 23, 2020

Lunar New Year is right around the corner, and with over half of our team and a majority of this online audience being from or living in Asia, I thought I’d take this opportunity to write a blog post with my thoughts, experiences, and (of course!) all with tips, tricks, and info to help you celebrate the best Chinese New Year ever.

Chinese new year - Blogs by Elena Yordan

What exactly is the Lunar New Year? And why do we celebrate?

This celebration, sometimes also called Chinese New Year, or the Spring Festival, is a series of 15 days celebrating the time between the first new and full moon of

the new lunar calendar. Starting with the Lunar New Year celebration and ending with the lantern festival, these 15 days are a time of honoring the family of the past and present and praying for a lucky and successful year.

The time is also filled with traditions and even some do’s and don’t's! For example, around 10 days before the new moon, everyone celebrating thoroughly cleans their house to get rid of any bad luck left over from the year prior and gets all their finances and debts in check...then there’s no more cleaning and no more handling money! (Unless you’re one of the lucky children who will get a red envelope filled with cash!) The color red or gold decorates everything as a sign of luck and prosperity and everyone is careful to follow the rules.

How do I prepare for and celebrate the Lunar New Year in the US?

I love to celebrate with a dinner of Chinese food that I order from a local restaurant. I might order a whole fish (for an increase in prosperity); some dumplings (for wealth - they look like coin-filled purses after all); some longevity noodles (super long for happiness and longevity). I add some red decorations to my decor and perhaps a few lanterns. I’ve been known to gift a “money plant” to some of my colleagues - why not?

Certain fruits are eaten during the Chinese New Year period, such as tangerines and oranges, and pomeloes because they are particularly round and "golden" in color, symbolizing fullness and wealth, but more obviously for the lucky sound they bring when spoken in Chinese. Diffuse citrus oils for an extra sensory boost and merry memory maker.


What oils can you keep handy during the celebration?

As I did a little bit of extra research before writing out which oils I use, I looked into the feng shui aspect of essential oils as well and divide my top eo’s for Lunar New Year into a few categories: eo’s for wealth - a hot topic during this celebration, eo’s for supporting relationships - as family is the center of the celebration, and eo’s for travel - since so many people are migrating towards family and friends!

Essential Oils to Attract Wealth

essential oils for wealth

Lemongrass - attract money energy with this herbaceous scent

Bergamot - add this oil to bring out luck in each aspect of your life

Frankincense - an oil that not only symbolizes but also brings about abundance and treasure, Frankincense is perfect for the Lunar New Year

Cyress - add a few drops to your diffuser to bring about perseverance and resilience, two tools necessary for wealth to come your way

Essential Oils to help Support Relationships

essential oils to support relationships

Rose-not only does this oil hydrate and soothe the skin, but it helps open up all channels of communication and allow your relationship to grow

Ylang-ylang-this rich floral scent will help balance and harmonize yin and yang energies between you and your partner

Wild Orange-an uplifting and energizing oil, this is the perfect companion to any intimate moment!

Essential Oils for Travel

essential oil for travel

These are also your “golden globes” that will be lucky to have around the house in bowls!

Grapefruit-a great energizing oil perfect to keep you happy and healthy as you move from one place to another

Tangerine-lighten up any environment with this bright scent and keep your luck high

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