June, a Time for Gratitude

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

“When you realize there is nothing lacking, the whole world belongs to you.” -Lao Tzu

june month of celebration

Happy June everyone!! Welcome to my favorite month on the calendar. It’s my birthday AND my wedding anniversary month, so it’s safe to say that this is a time of celebration and gratitude for me!! I grew up being told to count my blessings and I think that while I may be reiterating things I learned in Sunday School and at the dinner table with my parents, it’s amazing that I’m hearing this message everywhere.

Regardless of who’s saying it or where they heard it first, it turns out that a gratitude practice can positively impact our physical and mental well being. As my Instagram friend Jennifer Houghton @turtlecreeklane says each morning, “Happiness begins with gratitude”. Gratitude can give you more patience, help you sleep better, and make your relationships with the people around you stronger.

This June, I wanted to share a habit goal I’ve been working on since I first began my shelter-in-place here in New Jersey - as a way to develop my gratitude practice. I decided on March 15 that I would begin journaling with my Full Focus Journal. I love the journal because of the prompting questions, one of which is: “What am I thankful for right now? Some days I have to dig deep - I’m upset or angry, disappointed or sad - such a rollercoaster of emotions right now, but I always come up with something. The big ones: I’m grateful for my family, friends, my team, and my health. The small: I’m grateful for books I’ve read or courses I’ve taken; the bird feeder outside my office window that’s a never-ending source of wonder. And even the silly: I’m grateful for iced tea on a hot day or for rain stopping so I could walk outside.

I’ve also decided to express my gratitude for all of you -- because where would I be without you all?! I’m doing this by hosting a myriad of giveaways on my Instagram page (@elenayordan). You may not have known, but June is actually the month of roses and, since my love for roses is boundless, I’ve decided to mix the themes of roses, gratitude, and celebration altogether in a series of giveaways all including some kind of rose-themed-thing. That means there will be Rose roll-ons, Rose-colored prizes, and at the end of the month, a final drawing for one 5ml bottle of DoTerra Rose oil!

Roses have a ton of different meanings, but to me, they’re all about June and love. I’ve also recently fallen in love with all things Rose Gold! Amazon has been my go-to recently and I wanted to share just 3 things I’ve fallen for. First, this rose gold AirPods case is just my favorite! I got mine a few months back and feel like it just gives me the perfect pop of color! Also, my husband bought me the most adorable little forever rose that I’ve been keeping on my desk...gift ideas anyone? And finally, I recently got myself this little travel cutlery kit (in preparation for future travels, since we’re currently still home), and I’m so excited to get it!

I’m thrilled and excited to have this opportunity to show my gratitude for you all in some physical way. Happy June and stay tuned to Instagram for the prizes!

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