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Intermediate EO Tips

Welcome back bestie!

You’ve passed the beginner phase, it’s time for you to grow!

We’ve already talked about taking the oils you love and using them all over your house and with your entire family to get every penny out of your investment. Now let's talk about bringing in some extra money to help build the life you want to lead. How amazing is it to use and share something you love, and it becoming your side hustle? Best decision ever!

Now that you’ve been here for a while, let’s talk about the benefits of dōTERRA as a side hustle.

Sharing dōTERRA products with your family and friends - especially people who like natural stuff just like you is as easy as carrying your oils along with you wherever you go. As you go about your daily routine, think about the ways you’re using the oils and how a friend might like to do that too. For example, if you’re a student you might be using Intune roll on for focus during study or the Adaptiv products during stressful times. You might be using OnGuard on your feet before bed each night and your roommate might ask, “hey what’s that?”

If you’re a mom, you may be using lavender on your toddler when they’re having a meltdown or Clarifying Calm to get through some PMS stress. If natural cleaning and saving money is your vibe, there’s nothing better than the OnGuard or new Abōde cleaning products. I started my business by talking to other moms that were interested in the same things as me - people I already knew from school, play group, or other get-togethers. If you’re active on social media your friend group maybe even larger.

Let’s give you some examples of how you could financially benefit from your new investment. Imagine this, you’ve started making some money off of sharing dōTERRA oils. You’re promoting dōTERRA and have received a commission of $50. As you continue sharing dōTERRA with others, your side hustle grows to $100, $200, or more each month! Let’s think about what you can do with that extra money that you can spend on enjoying life.

Some other ideas...

  • $50 - students, this is an easy way for you to make some extra cash

  • $100 - cell phone payment, lessons for your kids like piano, dance, soccer, karate, and more! You can even use it for the perfect baby gift, such as a new outfit and a stroller.

  • $200 - gift for someone special, tickets to a concert or play, filling the Christmas wish list, a massage, steak dinner, music festival tickets, day trip, and more!

You love oils so much that you can’t stop telling people about them and want to help them enroll too! This helps you earn money to spend for yourself and to cover your own monthly order.

Have you finished talking to all your friends and family? Jump to the advanced section and we’ll show you where to go next.

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