How to Beat Quarantine Weight Gain With 5 Easy Additions

Updated: Jun 30, 2020

weight gain vs weight loss

You may not have known, but I started my public speaking journey speaking on the stages of Weight Watchers, motivating people to get in shape and get healthy, but when people ask me about weight loss or weight management, I often avoid the topic and lead them to a different part of the internet to find information regarding these things. I don’t much enjoy telling people a list of things that they need to cut out of their lives...carbs...sweets…candy…joy. I’d rather be the one telling them things that they can ADD in order to make their lives healthier and happier. 

Because of this, when I was asked to write a blog post and live stream on weight loss tips for quarantine weight gain, I was a little hesitant to give my two cents. I’m not a nutritionist, and my health is far from perfect (the Gemini in me is prone to skipping meals during busy workday schedules). Of course, just like with most things in life, there is no one-time quick fix for weight loss. It’s simply a combination of time, healthy movement and eating habits, along with stress management, sleep and well you get the picture. But here are my top five things that, I have learned and used myself which you can ADD into your life to help you get a jump start on your health metabolism journey. 

1. Add more water into your life

If you listen to or consume any information by Tim Ferriss, Rachel Hollis, and everyone in between you’ll know that they encourage everyone to drink a gallon (4 liters) of water a day. And hey, I know it’s a lot, but when I tell you that this will help you on your weightloss journey, I am not lying! Replacing all your liquids of the day (that includes the liquid calories which juices, creamers, and sodas provide) with a large glass of water and a few drops of lemon or grapefruit will not only make you feel better, but will keep you satiated for longer! If a gallon sounds like an impossible amount, start with half your body weight in ounces a day!

2. Add a few healthy meals you can put into rotation in your life and meal prep.

The amount of cookbooks, food blogs, and pinterest posts out there sharing healthy meals is staggering. If you love cooking, take a day or just an hour to scour the internet or the shelves of your local library or Barnes and Noble for new recipes that you can prep and cook at home. (I personally love this one). By cooking at home we save calories and money. Meal prepping can keep us on track because we don’t just grab the first thing that catches our eye in the refrigerator or pantry. Not the cooking type? Or just not super creative in the kitchen? Focus on two or three meals that you absolutely love and know are good for you, and put them into rotation throughout the week!

3. Add one plant-based meal into each day

Plants have fiber, fiber keeps you full. Plants are also a lot less calorically dense than meat or fat. Bulk up on leafy greens, in-season veggies, and some plant-based sources of protein! Keep cut-up veggies and fruits in your fridge for snacks.

4. Add a 30 minute walk into your daily routine.

Finding the time and money to incorporate a full trip to the gym, or to a yoga, pilates, or any other group fitness class can be difficult. Instead, add one 30 minute walk around your neighborhood into your daily routine, or two fifteen minute walks. For motivation, maybe get yourself a fun new pair of walking shoes (amazon link?) to show off to the neighborhood! (These are mine) Not only will you move your body, but you’ll be outside and in the fresh air as well! Win-win. I try to walk as I listen to my morning prayers on my AirPods.

5. Add protein into your breakfast (and eat it!)

Intermittent fasting has become a big thing recently and, although it may work for a lot of people I’ve found that eating breakfast that includes protein and limits sugar will keep me full and more satisfied throughout the day. Not only that, but eating 30 minutes after you wake up helps balance out your hormones and your blood sugar for the day!

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