Dealing with the Stress of Staying Home

Updated: Apr 8, 2020

Today marks week 3 of my staying at home in self-isolation with only my family in the house with me, and I’m not going to’s felt more like three full months.

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My whole family is home; my daughter from a college in Texas and my son from high school, both completing their classwork online. The time it took for us to transition into acceptance of what is happening--of the flow between work and relaxation--has been longer than expected; however, I think we’ve gotten into a rhythm. Although I do work at home normally, this time forced to stay inside by the US government, to not go out and meet new clients, to not go out and meet with my team, to not even have direct contact with my assistant, has been a learning curve and a time of true patience.  I’ve realized a lot about myself, my children, and my team in the last three weeks and I think I’ve found the overarching theme of the month….leading in a time of uncertainty. There has been the influence of uncertainty about our health, uncertainty about the future, uncertainty about finances, uncertainty about children and their learning, uncertainty about the economy, and so much more. As both a mother and an entrepreneur, I think that this is the time to be a light. This is the time that we take to step out and be a source of joy for others, and for ourselves.  It may seem like a daunting task to think about a time for mothers and business owners to make a difference and a mark. But I think that the process of getting to be a source of joy is a slow one.

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Personally, I want everyone that I come into contact with to say that I never lost joy during this difficult time, that I was never overly negative or filled with longing for different circumstances. Now, this does not mean that I’m not allowed to feel worse one day than I did the next. Rather, I can accept that each day will be different, that some will be more difficult to endure and to get things done, and that on those days I can go easier on myself and my family, I can care and have compassion towards myself and everyone around me. However, even on the worst of these days, I try my hardest to find a little bit of gratitude, to find a little bit of joy and light.  There are a few ways that I cultivate joy within the new daily life of my family... First of all, I’ve been giving myself and my family peace surrounding our schedules. I make sure that I have a schedule that I keep myself to… wake up, morning reading and prayer, morning walk, breakfast, work, etc. etc. I make sure that my kids have their own schedules to follow as well, to keep a bit of a sense of normalcy around the house. However, since we’re all different and the stress has been influencing sleep schedules, the timing of my own and my family’s daily routine has shifted, and that’s ok. The only thing that doesn’t change for us is our daily dinner and evening time together. We have dinner at 6:30 pm around the dinner table and a few hours of board/card games, movies, or talking that we can share as a family. 

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Second, I make sure that every day holds an opportunity for fun. It doesn’t have to be crazy, but something that will bring a smile to someone’s face around the house. For me, that’s experimenting with a new recipe that I found online with my daughter, spending some time gardening outside by myself, or finding a new board game for my family to play together. Hey, it doesn’t even have to be that complicated! The other day, my assistant and I ordered a green screen for the office, and the joy I had the day it came - learning to fold it into its own container was something I never thought would bring a smile to my face...and hers when I demonstrated over zoom! Third, I want to write a little bit about giving yourself grace regarding clutter and mess in the house. Everyone is at home. Take a deep breath. There will be things out of place, there will be closets you think should be emptied and gone through, and there will be moments of frustration. Sigh deeply, rub some Adaptiv onto your wrists, and calm your mind. I don't think that during this time of uncertainty we should be doing some major decluttering or major cleaning of your house. Don’t rip your house apart. Maybe one drawer can be organized, or a shoebox can be gone through, but the amount of people and the stress already present is not the environment meant for new changes! Don’t worry, there will be time to do it all later! Lastly, you all know that I always try to bring the conversation around to Essential Oils, since they are the basis of my business and a foundation in my life that I can always rely on. During this time, my top three oils have been Adaptiv, Breathe, and OnGuard. The first to calm my nerves and the last two to boost my family's immunity. I diffuse, no.matter.what, and it brings me joy to share that with my own family at home, and you all, my family on the internet.  (I actually forgot one day and it was crazy how quickly things went pear-shaped!) Stay safe and stay healthy my friend. You are on my mind and in my prayers.

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