Celebrities that Use doTERRA Essential Oils

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

Last week as I was watching the Oscars, with all the celebrities in their gorgeous gowns, bright lights, and excitement, I wondered whether any of those people were doTERRA essential oil users.

Doterra oil search on google

So, just like I do every other week, I put on my Sherlock cap, opened up my laptop, and looked to my dear friend Google one more time (are you surprised?).

I love learning new things about people that I see online and on the air, and so I thought that you all might want to know which of your favorite celebrities are using just the same oils you do!

Here’s what my snooping found:

1) Laura Dern

Did you know that this year’s supporting actress winner Laura Dern uses doTERRA essential oils? In a recently released article, she tells Glossier’s Into the Gloss blog that she never travels without lavender, rosemary, eucalyptus, and grapefruit (some of the best oils doTERRA has to offer). We all love the uplifting effects of grapefruit and Laura uses it for anxiety and to help keep from getting jetlagged. Not only that, but she uses oils in her daily baths! She tells ITG that her evening baths usually include lavender and her morning baths have rosemary, an extremely energizing scent. She even uses Peppermint beadlets instead of breath mints! Who knew we had so much in common with an academy award winner? Find out more about her daily doTERRA routines here!

Award winners by doterra users

2) Mandy Moore

‘This is Us’ star, Mandy Moore hasn’t spoken to the media about her use of doTERRA essential oils, but she was spotted in an Instagram video talking about the Peppermint beadlets that we all love here! I think I’m starting to see a trend among these stars...I guess fresh breath is important to everyone!!

3) Vanessa Hudgens

High School Musical’s Vanessa Hudgens is “breaking free” of stress by using doTERRA’s Serenity whenever she’s feeling anxious or needs a pick-me-up. She told Self magazine that she, “feels like smells can be really balancing, grounding, or energizing,” and hey, so do we! She says that instead of taking smoke breaks, she takes oil breaks and I laughed. But honestly, during a long workday, so do I! Learn more about her daily habits here!

4) Ellie Goulding

We’ve got another singer/celebrity that never travels without doTERRA!

Ellie Goulding told Couteur magazine that she always travels with Breathe, Balance, Lavender, and “an orange one”, which I can only assume to be either Citrus Bliss or On Guard, both of which are amazing! Ellie told the magazine about how the oils help uplift her feelings when she’s stressed and tired. Not only that, but she always carries a diffuser with her! I wonder what brand she uses?

Regardless, I love to see musicians using doTERRA oils! Check out more here!

5) RuPaul

The New York Times wrote an article on the items RuPaul can’t travel without and guess who was on that this...doTERRA!!

Honestly, I’m starting to simply not be surprised by all of these celebrities using oils, they’re really just like us! He told NYT that he keeps a bottle of On Guard in every one of his bags...that’s awesome (and so many bottles!). I keep OnGuard on me whenever I travel too, to heighten my immune system, just like he says!

peppermint oil by doTerra

6) Zach Smith (Canadian NHL-Chicago Black Hawks)

He was seen applying Peppermint essential oil to his nose while sitting on the bench during a game! Athlete’s need to breathe really well!


Now, you may be wondering why sharing the celebrities that use essentials oils is important for us all to know. Well, I know how hard it can be to share new products with a skeptic. The same questions come up over and over again when starting conversations with new potential clients:

Why should I use essential oils? And why doTERRA specifically?

What are the benefits of oils when I can get something “cheaper” at the conventional store?

Sharing celebrities, or name dropping if you’d like to call it that, who use doTERRA--especially the same oils that we use every day--can help show that essential oils aren’t “weird” or as “crunchy granola” as they may seem at first. If our favorite celebrities and stars are using them, and why shouldn’t we? Things that are popular in the media are always the easiest to share with friends and family. Plus, who wouldn’t want to use products that Vanessa Hudgens or Laura Dern use? We can smell like an academy award winner!

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