8 Bold ways to Celebrate Earth Day at Home!

Updated: May 27, 2020

You may not have known, but Earth Day was last week on the 22nd and as I flipped through so many Instagram stories with photos of Mother Nature at her finest (you know those picturesque mountain scenes or ocean views that I’m talking about that everyone always posts on Earth Day?)

Earth Day

I thought why not write a little blog post talking about ways we can celebrate Earth Day during quarantine without going outside!? My family and my team have been working hard from home, making sure only to go out in the most necessary of circumstances, especially since my mother is still living with us and we want to keep her healthy. In the meantime, as we stay at home, let's chat about some of the amazing gifts the Earth has given to us. I know I know, that’s kind of an odd concept, how can you talk about Earth Day when everything that has to do with the outdoors has been closed? Parks, fields, and even playgrounds have been temporarily SHUT DOWN so how can we show our appreciation for the gifts of Mother Earth?

Saving Earth

Well! I’m glad you asked because my job and that of my entire community centers around sharing products that Mother Earth provides for us in their purest form, and using them no matter what. Not only that, but I am surrounded by people who LOVE the planet. I compost and garden, my assistant is vegan, and one of my team members is beekeeper! But what if you aren’t any of those things? What if you can’t even get outside because you live in a city apartment building?

Here are my eight ways you might want to show your appreciation for the Earth this week in celebration of Earth day, every day! 1. Support your local growers and farmers

Did you know that a huge part of our carbon footprint comes from the food we buy because of how far it has to travel? Just imagine the trek across the United States the tomatoes you bought from the grocery store had to make!

What better way to show your appreciation for the Earth than to support your local farmers during growing seasons by buying your fresh produce from a farmer’s market or co-op. Now that we’re trying to stay home as much as possible, and the farmers markets have closed (at least mine have), it’s even more important to reach out to those growers and see if you can buy online or perhaps by phone. My local co-op has listed their produce online for pick-up or delivery. Reach out to local beekeepers too and ask if they can ship their honey so that you can keep supporting their businesses and local horticulture. 

Also, whenever you head out to your local farmers market (or just your regular grocery store), make sure you always bring your reusable bags with you! They are honestly one of the easiest ways to lower your plastic consumption and amazon has got a ton. I personally love these canvas bags, since they are sturdier and made of more eco-friendly and sustainable materials like hemp or cotton. 2. Start a Compost

This is honestly one of the greatest things you can do to lessen your carbon footprint. The organic food waste that we create and throw away into landfills gets trapped beneath the rest of the trash and, rather than composting normally and decomposing into the soil, creates methane, a greenhouse gas 34x more effective at trapping heat than carbon dioxide. 

Fight to lower this carbon footprint by starting a compost in your backyard or on your terrace for lawn trimmings and food scraps. Not only will you be showing your love for the Earth and environment, but your flowers will thank you with stunning growth when you lay down your own home-made fertilizer! Many towns have municipal compost drop off points. I’ve been composting for years now and have been using this one! I also keep a little bin in my kitchen to collect all of the scraps we make in a day. Learn more about composting by visiting https://www.cawrecycles.org/composting

3. Go for a walk around your neighborhood at dawn/dusk (or Just go for a walk around your neighborhood at any time…)

Supporting the Earth and basking in her glory doesn’t start and end at just your carbon footprint. A great way to appreciate it is also through walks! Not only is it a great way to move your body every day, but morning or evening walks at dawn or dusk are always filled with amazing skies of pinks, purples, and reds!

4. Invest in a really great reusable mug and waterbottle

Calling all Starbucks aficionados! It may seem weird for you to bring your own to-go mugs or cups into a cafe, but just hear me out! The paper coffee cups you get from most cafes that hold your cup of joe or tea are not compostable or even recyclable. They may be made of paper, but they are lined with plastic to make sure that the liquids stay inside, making them one of our landfills' biggest culprits. I’ve personally gotten accustomed to keeping this reusable mug in my car for all those last-minute coffee runs with friends, clients, etc. And hey, I often use my favorite one in the office too! (Bonus: most cafes (including Starbucks and Dunkin) will give you a discount for bringing your own cup! (Check first before arriving as policies may have changed)

Also, we all know how wasteful (both physically and economically) plastic water bottles are. And honestly, there are so many reusable waterbottles on the market, that everyone can find one they love! Both me and my assistant love hydroflasks, but there the world is your oyster in this realm! (let me know which you choose!)

5. Try a new Earth-friendly cleaning product

I have to tell you all a secret...I have been blessed with one of the best jobs on this planet, one that not only helps me support my family (financially and physically), but also gives me a chance to try new things, and that includes Earth-friendly cleaning products. Before I started using doTERRA, my cleaning closets were a colorful mess of chemicals that (unbeknownst to me) harmed my family, our indoor air quality and the environment they were thrown out into when they were “finished”. Today, my shelves are minimally stocked with the essentials (oils, of course!). I keep bottles of Lemon, Tea Tree, Peppermint and Wild Orange essential oils on hand, in addition to doTERRA’s liquid cleaning solution OnGuard Cleaner. There’s nothing but good smells and cleanliness here!

6. Buy a few plants from your local greenhouse

I am blessed to live in an area with trees and other living things. I am deeply grateful that I can simply step outside and experience nature in my backyard and garden. It makes my heart wrench when I hear about all those living in cities and unable to see the green beauty of the Earth.

If you are in a big city, try to get in touch with your inner green thumb and consider incorporating a few plants into your home. A little bit of living green can make any space a little lighter and brighter.

7. Keep your car in the garage for a FULL DAY

You may not realize it now, but the fact that so many people have begun to work from home has opened up the opportunity for days like this. Days without the use of the car and gas AT ALL. At the moment, personal vehicles are the USA’s biggest source of CO2 emissions and just one day without your car can lower your footprint by just enough to make a difference. You may have seen the pictures of the Himalayan mountains - clearly visible from north India as pollution levels have gone down! Seems like Mother Earth is finally taking a breath.

8. Go vegan for one day

Ok,ok. You may frown at this idea, but please hear me out for just a minute regarding this topic of discussion. You may not realize, but animal-based foods put more of a strain on the environment than plant-based foods do. Not only does it take more resources to create animal-based foods (the water and land mass to grow their foods, the transportation of that to processing facilities and from there to them, the water and land mass to feed each animal, the CO2 they create, and the transportation to processing facilities, etc.), but implementing a completely plant-based lifestyle will lower your carbon footprint by 73%. Just imagine what just one day a week could do!

So from our house to yours, I wish you a Happy Earth Day and a safe, clean and healthy year.

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