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Advanced EO Business Tips

You’re so advanced!

You’re ready to Be Green and Make More Green!

You have been sharing dōTERRA with family, friends, and co-workers, building a love for dōTERRA and seeing how easy it is to talk about natural health with others. After having spent 18+ months at home during the pandemic you’ve come to appreciate how important good health and strong immunity are for you. Making your new favorite thing a side hustle makes a ton of sense. We’re beginning to see inflation creeping up and product shortages - it’s great to have a back up plan that relies on your hard work and the bounty of the Earth and not any outside sources.

Your sharing has been bringing in some money that allows you to bring some leaven to your bread. How does it feel to take the stress out of your family budget because the small extras are paid for? But what about more? How do you grow? How can you reap the financial benefits of sharing doterra with even more people? By helping others join the community!

One of the things we’ve learned is that isolation is hard on all of us. As we begin to open up our cities and towns the desire to meet, chat, share, and learn has been multiplied by many months of being apart. This is your time. A time like no other.

You are a pro at sharing dōTERRA with others, it is time to take it to the next step! You want to grow your financial benefits with dōTERRA? Check out the video below that easily explains our compensation plan.

Still want more information? Jump on our waitlist for our upcoming class.

In the meantime join our 30 Day Challenge on Instagram to take the steps necessary to find your voice and spread the word add link here. Everyday we are posting new business and money tips to fuel your growth and kick start your new venture or boost the team you already have.

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