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Updated: May 18, 2020

Wow, I’m not quite sure if you realized, but this week is just jam-packed with different national holidays! I like to keep a list of weird, fun holidays to find small reasons to celebrate throughout the year, and this week we’ve hit the jackpot. Yesterday was National Lemonade Day (check out my Instagram @elenayordan for a fun recipe I posted!), today is National Star Wars Day, (May the 4th be with you!), and tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day and

cinco de mayo

Cinco de Mayo. A trifecta!! While there are so many “holidays” that I could write blog posts about with tips, tricks, and ways of celebrating - teachers and teaching have been a huge part of my life, forming me, my family, and everyone I meet.

I pride myself on being a lifelong learner and teacher. I’m not sure if it stems from my mother, who was a teacher and elementary school principal (P.S. 165 Manhattan) when I was growing up in New York City, or from the fact that I’m a Gemini, and rarely sit still and focus on just one thing. There’s always something new that I’m trying to figure out, do better or expand. Recently, I've been learning about balancing work and life when my world seems like it’s on my shoulders - re-learning how to organize my space and life to fit our current situation. 

When I was planning out this month with my assistant, Julia - the themes that we wanted to focus on each week - we stumbled across a pretty cool idea. I was reflecting on what the biggest thing I’ve been learning about in this time of my life was and one of my new friends, Lori Bailey (@missorganized1 on Instagram), came to mind. For the past few months, she’s been helping me minimize and organize the house that I’ve lived in with my family for the past 20 years. Before I met Lori, I thought I was a pretty organized person. My shelves were clean, I could always find everything, I had some clutter but it was never overwhelming. But boy was I wrong! Check out these photos of before and after Lori taught me.

teacher appreciation week

So today, I’m showing my appreciation for Lori, the newest teacher in my life. I’m showing her my appreciation by using my own teaching skills--those cultivated by my own mother and years speaking on stages and mentoring people through their business lives--to spread her knowledge. I invited her onto my weekly live stream to teach us a little bit about ways to organize and stay organized. If you weren’t able to make it live, check out the replay here on YouTube!

I wonder, who are the most influential teachers in your life today? Are you a lifelong learner as well? Or do you have that one favorite teacher from your childhood that you’ve appreciated forever? Here are a few ways you can thank them for all they’ve done for you, to show your appreciation on their day!

1. Send them a hand-written card, note or letter 

Snail mail is the best right now! We are all rushing to our mailboxes to see what’s new at the end of a long day at home. But hey, even when we’re out of quarantine, who doesn’t love receiving a kind letter or note of appreciation?! The time you took to write it all out and mail it is what counts. Throw in a little gift card to their favorite cafe or store and it’s 200% better!

2. Buy them a thoughtful gift

I don’t know about you, but I just love giving personalized gifts. Not just random things that everyone would love, but stumbling upon gifts that I know that person will love or appreciate more than anything else. While writing this blog post, I actually asked my mother what she would have loved to have gotten for Teacher Appreciation Day and she said flowers or a plant....I was thinking maybe personalized pencils since all the kids could steal them (you see how my mind works?) For your own customized pencils, check out these.

If you’re really not sure what they would absolutely love, I always default to a gift of a beautiful diffuser. This personal diffuser is lovely, small, and portable. Add a roll-on of doTERRA's Thinker, Steady or Brave to use in the classroom or Serenity, Adaptiv or Lavender to use at home after work.

3. Set an IOU date

Now that social distancing is still a thing, it’s pretty hard to treat people to coffee dates or lunches out. So instead, set an IOU date with the person who has been your favorite or most influential teacher! Getting dressed up and taking them to their favorite restaurant, or just heading out to a local coffee shop and buying them a fancy latte can be a great way to show them you care.

Teacher Appreciation Day is one of the most undercelebrated holidays of the year. Our teachers are the ones who shape us into the people we are today and we should let them know how much they mean to us every day. So, if you’re a teacher--either in schools or out of them--thank you for all you do to make us into better, smarter human beings!

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