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Are you looking to add a second stream of income, one that will blend seamlessly with what you already do?  

Are you already part of a multi-level marketing team that doesn’t coach you the way you desire?  

Are you a busy professional: doctor, nurse, chiropractor, physical or massage therapist, nutritionist, health coach or business owner looking to upgrade your income to include some long term partnerships that will grow seamlessly with your current clients?  

Are you looking for products that can integrate into your “clean” lifestyle?  

Are you looking for essential business development?

Are you tired of a health business that isn’t healthy?  

Tired of chasing likes and not getting the clients you want?  

Are your existing clients open to the suggestions you make?  



You are in the right place.   



Plant based foods and products are one of the fastest growing industries world-wide.  While previously considered far-out, weird or fringe, plant-based natural products can be used by adults and children alike.  They are easy to use, can substitute for many over-the-counter remedies costing much more AND when pure, can help us to live a healthier, less toxic lifestyle.



While I love seeing the eyes of a new Mom or a family light up when I tell them about harmful toxins and their natural substitutes, my PASSION is helping those same families to become financially independent.  I also love to work with busy professionals who are looking to expand their existing businesses.  Partnering with a business owner or health professional makes my heart sing.  I will show you the science and the math behind the products I recommend - helping you to make appropriate choices for your business.  In my 3 part class you will learn just how to profitably incorporate healthy products into your existing business and to ride the wave of “natural and healthy” that is here to stay.