elenas book.jpg

A short but comprehensive beginner's guide to essential oils - fondly known as the LRP book

pregnancy eos.jpg

My favorite reference book for all things pregnancy & eos

spoil book.jpg

My favorite book for pets and essential oils


One of my favorite Michael Hyatt books for leadership!


A great read for anyone trying to reach some of their greatest goals!


My favorite dry brush for daily morning detoxification!


Use these to personalize your Swell bottles - try writing a daily affirmation

swell bottle.jpg

Great gift for a new gold team member


A healthy occlusive barrier and substitute for petroleum jelly to mix with eos 


Another healthy occlusive barrier substitute for petroleum jelly to mix with eos   

mailers 2.jpg

My favorite mailers for team welcome kits and sending oil samples!


Just the right size for trips and light weight